Polaroid Grey Label

Creating A Proprietary Brand and Developing Innovative Consumer Electronics with Lady Gaga

Before launching Kley, our co-founder Brad Klemmer was the Creative Director at William Morris Endeavor (WME) Marketing. Polaroid leadership asked our team to create a breakthrough line of products with Millennials in mind. It was at that point that collaboration between two of the most influential icons of popular culture – Polaroid and Lady Gaga – began.

First, the team secured Lada Gaga as Polaroid’s Chief Creative Officer. We then created the Polaroid Grey Label brand and initiated product development with Lady Gaga and our engineering and Industrial Design partner Ammunition. Included in this new suite of Grey Label products were a digital camera that printed, a bluetooth printer and a set of camera glasses with two embedded 1.5″ LCD displays. A mobile app to accompany the bluetooth printer was also developed, allowing users to add several classic Polaroid effects to their images.

The Polaroid Grey Label was successfully launched at CES in 2011; our social media and PR initiatives resulted in over 1 billion impressions over four days and a trending spot on Twitter.