Addressing the Needs of Parents & Providers with an Interconnected Scheduling Platform

Being a parent is challenging. Researching and registering for all of the various kids-related activities can make it even more daunting. Recess aims to fix that by providing a digital platform for parents to research, register, review, and organize their children’s activities. Kley started at square one when founder Isa Pressman, fresh off of her first raise, approached Kley to bring her idea to life.

Kley then imagined and designed the product as well as creating the naming, branding, positioning, user experience, and go to market strategy.

This endeavor delivers a go-to place for parents to find the information they need in order to make the right choice for their child. Recess™ also allows parents to book and pay for every activity in one place. On the service provider side, Kley created a robust business management solution that seamlessly integrates with the parent-facing application. The Recess app helps providers by filling open inventory and provides a comprehensive reservation, waitlist, payment, and enrollment management tool.

Recess is currently in development with an expected launch of early 2017. Learn more at