The Social U

A Great Digital Reputation Starts with a Social GPA™

Kley started at square one with The Social U. In addition to imagining and designing the product, Kley also developed the branding, positioning, identity, user experience, and go to market strategy.

Key Data Point: More than 50% of college admissions officer look at a prospective students’ social media profile before making an acceptance decision.

Today’s teens are networked teens. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr…these are more than social hangouts. They are part of the new social strata. And, just like any other setting, teens can be judged for what they say, what they do and whom they connect with.

Kley helped create The Social U to arm students and their families with tools, insights and expertise to safeguard their social profiles as they pursue college, scholarships, jobs and life opportunities. The proprietary software engine reads and interprets online data giving a student (and their family) insights on how they’re perceived. Our scoring methodology fuels a unique and personalized Social U Report Card – with a Social GPA – giving complete visibility into one’s digital lifestream – the words, images, tags and sentiments that define online character. The Social U launched in 2016.