Kaiser Permanente

Changing the Game of Digital Health: Web and Mobile Health Engagement and Gamification for Kaiser Permanente B2B Subscribers

Kaiser Permanente, the largest managed health care organization in the US, engaged Kley to create and develop a health and wellness application to better engage their corporate client subscribers in positive behavior change. Kley’s work included branding of the application, information architecture, product and UX design, gamification, analytics identification, and development of all marketing and engagement components.

Via our extensive research and insights deep dive – and distillation of this intelligence – we determined that our health and wellness application innovation needed to resonate with a wide array of the 1.2 million cross-generational subscribers. These cross-generational subscribers had socioeconomic differences as well as varying levels of technology and social media savvy. Kley found the common ground: a Facebook like interface with gamification elements similar to Farmville. We coined it Yonder: The quick, simple, fun way to health happiness.

Yonder is a comprehensive online, mobile, and social wellness platform powered by an employee-familiar UI/UX, compelling engagement tools, a fun game experience, a perfect blend of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, expert behavior change science, and proven clinical strategy. Yonder brings everything together in one simple solution perfect for all segments of today’s cross-generational employee subscriber population. Yonder is currently in pilot testing.