Shaping experiences for meaningful engagement in a digitally-led culture

In today’s world, remarkable, memorable experiences happen when online and offline work in harmony to provide meaningful engagement. We accomplish this through business transformation, digital development and brand experience design.


How do we make meaningful engagement effective?

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    Human-Centered First

    To create a rich brand experience, we know we must apply empathy as a methodology to gain understanding from consumers and deliver on their needs and care-abouts. It’s more than the experience of a device, an app, or a campaign, it’s about the human themselves.

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    Lean in to Familiar to Forge New Territories

    We trust what is known, because efficiency is paramount, but it is also worthwhile to uncover innovation and push beyond the limits of the expected—from the subtle to revolutionary—to locate transformative approaches.

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    Fueled by Technology and Design

    Sometimes inspiration comes from dreaming and building consumer delight and then finding a way in to consumer desire.

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    Feels Magical to Use

    We believe in the intuitive nature, simplicity, ease of use and familiarity of organized information while we also believe it can’t be too transactional; there has to be humanity and surprise.


Our Team

With core staff at Kley HQ in Los Angeles and offices in Argentina, our multi-disciplinary team of creators brings diversity of thought, world views, creativity and innovation to every initiative.

Brad Klemmer
Co-Founder, Managing Partner
Design & Strategy
Los Angeles, CA
Thom Meredith
Managing Partner
Development & Strategy
Los Angeles, CA
Jessica Weil
Strategy & Management
Los Angeles, CA
Daniel Curran
Design & Development
Los Angeles, CA
Jeff Goodhart
Design & Development
Los Angeles, CA
Davis Brown
Design & Development
Los Angeles, CA
Victoria Mercedes
Project Management
Los Angeles, CA
José Debuchy
Buenos Aires, Argentina