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Positioning a CBD Industry-Leader.

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Defining What it Means to Deliver Betterment.

Based in Oregon, Klersun is the leading producer of high-quality industrial hemp extracts. With a vertically managed, sustainable supply chain committed to scaling organically grown hemp, Klersun sells high-quality extracts direct to businesses, primarily CPG brands that utilize their ingredients in products ranging from beverages to skincare.

As the demand for CBD-infused products has steadily increased, Klersun recognized the need to control its brand narrative and distance itself from long-held associations with stoner culture that was far from their business, offerings, and core values.

Expressing the Value of Betterment.

Klersun selected Kley to position the brand through a unique digital experience based on connecting Klersun’s passion for what they do to their desire for betterment – better understanding, better impact, and better personal health and well-being. We expressed Klersun’s process through stylized photography inspired by premium make-up and cooking ingredient imagery. We directed a photoshoot that captured Klersun’s powders and oils artfully, unlike any other CBD brand on the market. Alongside the strategic use of white space, we incorporated video with textures taken from Klersun’s lab. The complete experience effectively communicates the Klersun brand while appealing to prospective partners looking to align with the industry leader they already are.
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