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From Pre-Launch to Profitability.
Building a New Coffee Brand from the Ground Up.

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The Never Ending
Blend — A Weekly
Pursuit of Perfection.

Coffee-industry veterans Tony Konecny and Sumi Ali saw how the influx of sophisticated third-wave coffee shops created the perception that high-quality coffee was pretentious and elitist. They sought to disrupt this mindset through joint-venture Yes Plz, a direct-to-consumer brand that truly makes specialty coffee for everyone. Yes Plz was created to help coffee lovers like ourselves brew great coffee at home. Each week Yes Plz creates a unique, limited release from the best beans and flavors the coffee world has to offer.

I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else. Kley has been an incredible partner and collaborator. Their experience, guidance, and expertise has made Yes Plz what it is today.

Sumi Ali, Co-Founder

Reimagining How
Coffee Drinkers Can
Experience Coffee.

Yes Plz partnered with Kley to create a holistic brand that could change the way consumers viewed and experienced specialty coffee. During the early phases of product development, our teams met to collaborate from the beginning to use brand, design, and experience to support Yes Plz’s mission to shift consumer perception and behavior.

Kley developed the visual identity system for Yes Plz, adhering to and building upon the co-founders’ vision. The Yes Plz brand focuses on communicating the value of accessibility — not perfect or overly refined — but approachable and human.

Seamless Subscription Management.

We brought this approachable sentiment into the e-commerce experience through a strategically “under-designed” design to reinforce the inclusive and welcoming brand values. Through these interactions, the brand invites consumers to join the Yes Plz movement and enjoy a new kind of coffee culture, right from home.

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