Shaping Digital Assets That Matter.™

Your Brand can be
Much More Than
Just the Product.

Kley is a digital brand utility company helping brands discover their meaningful, useful, and tangible place in the lives of the customer every day…over and above the product. We create digital platforms and applications that connect brands and people and situations, building long-term relationships, intimate dialogues, unique experiences, and brand advocate community growth.

Our proven talents and expertise come together seamlessly to form the perfect storm for our clients’ digital brand utility success:

  • Digital Creativity
  • Social Prowess
  • Technology Innovation
  • Marketing Chops
“Stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.” – Craig Davis

It’s Not What
You Say, It’s What
You Provide.

While we’ve had extensive experience working with the world’s leading brands on “what they say,” our passion – and our new company Kley – is all about helping brands create “what they provide” beyond just the product or service. Everything we do is grounded in unique insights and utility strategy, is brand leveraging, proposition amplifying, community building, revenue generating, measurable, and 100% differentiating.

Whether it’s developing a new health and wellness online and mobile social game platform for a leading healthcare organization, building a community “video and story” site to celebrate local heroes for a top package goods company, or working with the world’s most popular entertainment icon on product development, we build long term relationships between brands and audiences that are meaningful, essential, and social. Moreover, the tangible value digital brand utility provides results in a powerful combination of owned and earned media.

Give us a try. In return, we'll give you incredible ideas on how your brand can unleash it's latent brand utility value with digital assets that matter.

FYI: We are Not a
Full Service Digital
Marketing Agency.

Kley is a niche digital brand utility consultancy launched in January 2012 by Brad Klemmer and John Kelley. We're clear about what we do well; we are focused on delivering what uniquely lives at the vortex of social, digital, marketing and technology convergence: Digital Brand Utility. 

Our Digital Brand Utility Services:

  • Digital Brand Utility Insights/Strategy
  • Platform and Application Ideation
  • UI/UX Design/Programming
  • Technology Development/Deployment
  • Digital/Social Brand Utility Marketing
  • Success Measurability and Analytics Modeling

Here’s the
“Check the Boxes”
Experience and

We’re a new agency. So experience and creds are a totally fair ask. If fortunate, with a new company come new clients. Thank You Early Adopters! Additionally, we’re grateful for all the clients and brands that provided wonderful opportunities and amazing experiences along Brad’s and John’s collective paths to Kley…giving us an unmatched breath and depth to do Digital Brand Utility right.

  • Polaroid
  • Lady Gaga
  • General Mills
  • General Mills
  • Coca-Cola
  • Avivia Health
  • Miller Coors
  • PepsiCo

Who Are These
Co-Founder Guys,
Brad and John?

Brad and John Brad Klemmer and John Kelley met three years ago while working as consultants on the same big client pitch in Chicago. They won the business. From that point on, Brad and John have worked together producing successful branding and digital marketing work for a host of global and national clients. They have now launched their new agency: Kley.

Kley is their brainchild, their investment, and their passion. And it’s all about digital brand utility.

First, Brad is the younger one (and it’s not even close btw). He’s also the creative, designer, digital, and social genius responsible for architecting and leading creative on everything Brad and John have worked on the last three years. Brad started in pure branding, had his own successful digital engagement consultancy Klemmerhead, and subsequently formally joined forces with John at William Morris Endeavor (WME) Marketing. There he was lead creative director for Lady Gaga and Polaroid among others. And now, here he is. @bradklemmer

John is the older one (by far!). He leads brand and consumer strategy and engagement innovation. John was formerly CEO and co-founder of UPSHOT (a Chicago based marketing agency) receiving multiple accolades and awards through ground breaking strategy and creative for an expansive list of blue chip clients. John was also a Crain’s Business Top 40 Under 40 recipient. John enjoyed a multi-year sabbatical as an independent consultant until being recruited to become President of the Marketing Division at WME in Los Angeles. And now, here he is. @jrkjla

Kley Blog

Here are a few of the latest musings of Kley. To see more visit our full blog at

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